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THREE  Turbos on a Power Stroke!?!

     Well, it just had to be done. And it was a lot easier the second time around! Click HERE to see the build-up of the Twins Turbos. Much of the same work and process was involved to create "Stage 3"; HT4B into HT3B into OEM Garrett.





UPDATE:  I drove the truck with no hood and the 3 turbos for a couple weeks before I came to my senses. I even took it in for our emissions testing and it passed with flying colors, and brought a few smiles to the testing guys. I also got quite a few thumbs up and weird looks driving it around.

Unfortunately, at the time I did not have any upgraded head gaskets, head studs, or head work for that matter, so I never really got to push the set-up to it's limits. It's just one of those things that had to be done!

Will the "Stage 3" ever return?

One never knows...


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