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         To anyone  interested in do-it-yourself injector kits:

          I stopped selling the DIY Injector Kits in June of 2010. There are numerous reasons why I stopped selling them, and as of right now they will NOT be offered for sale again.


--------Please do not email me asking for a price for a Kit!!

--------Please don't ask for me to sell you injector parts!!

--------Please do not post in the forums asking where you can get a DIY Kit, because you can't!!


          There are some shops that claim they have a do-it-yourself kit, but all you get are a few parts and a parts diagram.

          There is A LOT MORE to it than that!! Beware buying from these vendors!!

          Your BEST option is to send your injectors in for whatever work you want done. Get them flow tested and get a warranty. It's very little more money than if you were to try to work on them yourself.


          Go to our home page,, click on the link to the Injectors page, look over your build options, then feel free to email me any questions about sending your injectors in.


Thank you,

Jim Rose

Rosewood Diesel Shop, LLC