Project: More High Pressure Pump


Pump #1


             Pump #1 was built and installed in the summer of '04, and was used extensively in the summer of '05 in many truck pulls and drag races, supplying oil for my 400cc hybrid injectors. It is a large single industrial gear pump that puts out plenty of High Pressure Oil. But, due to hard starting when hot, I scrapped that system in favor of a much more simplified, more reliable, and cheaper dual pump system, Pump #2.


  OEM reservoir is gone, new cover in it's place. Big barb is drain for new res, small barb taps oil supply for new res.  
  Some of the lines changed a little, but basically this is it.  
  Lower left is new res. Gray line is supply, top big hose is gravity drain to new cover, big hose out bottom is suction to pump. This gets me non-pressurized oil to pump, complicated way instead of getting oil from oil pan.  
  IPR location and drain. IPR standing up instead of laying down as in  mock-up.  
'Nuther view.

Pump #2

             Pump #2 was built and installed in the spring of '06 and is still in use today. It consists of an industrial gear pump about 50% smaller than the large single gear pump used in Pump #1, and is used in conjunction with the stock HPOP. Teaming the gear pump with the stock HPOP eliminates the hot-start issue that developed with the large single pump and produces plenty of oil output. The Gear pump is mounted to an International Power Steering reservoir. The reservoir is used on Medium duty trucks and is a duplicate of the Ford High Pressure Reservoir except the International trucks used the HPOP gear to drive the Power Steering pump. The ps pump has a standard flange that the gear pump bolts right up to the reservoir. You just need a custom gear to turn off the HPOP gear, run a few lines and you're good. You'll need to find a housing in a scrap yard as International sold out of these housings several years ago.

Shows the standard gear pump with custom made gear installed, and the standard mounting flange on the International reservoir.
  Plumbing on the backside, output to the stock HPOP.  
  More plumbing, suction/supply into the pump.  

Pump #3


             Pump #3 was built in 2008, only a few pumps were built and were used on several different pulling trucks. The pumps worked flawlessly and are still in use today. These are 2 stock HPOP attached at the shafts to produce double the amount of High Pressure Oil.


Custom IPR block mounted in a remote location improves the IPR function.
  Factory IPR ports are plugged, custom aluminum spacer is made with custom shaft coupler.  


Last updated 1-14-10.

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