"The Black Truck"


I bought this truck new off the lot in Feb '96, and I've owned several other trucks that I used for work since then. This truck became known simply as  "The Black Truck" in reference. It has remained as the focus of my creative outlet, and is used as a daily driver, for Truck Pulls, Drag Racing, hauling mulch, towing the drag truck, whatever I need it to do.

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"The Drag Truck"


I bought this '97 2wd to use as a daily driver in 2004 with 225k miles on it. I drove it almost everyday for 3 years, then when my family grew in 2007 I didn't have much use for a second regular cab truck. Since I didn't have any luck selling it the truck got parked.


Spring of 2009 rolls around and I decided to rip into the truck, gut everything possible while investing as little as possible to make a reliable, fun drag truck.

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The following descriptions are of work that I did myself to my own vehicles.  I take no responsibility for any damage or problems that result from your own modifications, should you choose to follow my procedures.


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  Engine Removal: The Real How To. Got to have gauges!

Glow Plug Relay Bypass System.

The Multifunction Switch in the steering column.

  Custom twin electric fans, cheap! Aluminum air tank.
  Custom High Pressure Oil Pumps!    


Velvet Ride Shackle installation.

Urethane Spring Bushing installation.


Homemade traction bars.


  Fuel Tank Vent Mod. Custom fuel system.
  33 gallon Bronco rear fuel tank. 38 gallon replacement rear fuel tank.

  Twin Turbos! Triple Turbos!